Stranton Primary School

Stranton Primary School

"Only the best is good enough"

School Council  


It is once again time for us to look forward to pupil voice elections. There are two members of the council from each year group as well as our Head Boy and Head Girl who are chosen through a school ballot.

At Stranton Primary School, the purpose of our School Council is to encourage pupils to get involved in issues that concern them, in and around school to make their school better and improve school life and our school community.

We see our School Councillors as holding very responsible positions. Their job is to:

  • Attend meetings regularly
  • Communicate with the Head teacher and governor
  • Talk to people and feed their views back to the council.
  • Make suggestions for change and improvement
  • Decide which charities to support as a school

The School Council meet every fortnight with Mrs Yildirim and Mrs Wilson. Following meetings, the councillors are given time to report back and share anything discussed to their class.


Our Head Boy and Head Girl for 2020-2021 are:




                   Caitlin Kier                                                                       Josh Thompson


Class 1 and 2                                 Sophia Carney

 Class 3                                              Ella Hugill

 Class 4                                             Erin Smith

 Class 5                                             Amber Gaffney

 Class 6                                             Emeli-Rae Gibbins

 Amazing Acorns                        Michael Enegide

 Class 7                                             Georgina Campbell

 Class 8                                             Lorna Playfor

 Class 9                                             Kaci-Lee McKie

 Super Saplings                           Cody Watson/Lucas Moore

 Class 10                                           Paige Porritt

 Class 11                                           Bobbie Goodwin/ Bailey Hilditch-Davies

 Class 12                                          Josh Thompson

 Class 13                                          Amy Parkinson

 Class 14                                           Caitlin Kier