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SEND Assessment

Assessment allows teachers to decide where pupils are in their learning (their starting points), where they need to go and how best to get them there. When supporting pupils with additional needs, it is important that small steps are identified to ensure progression. Within school we use a bespoke assessment tool matched to our school curriculum.

Teachers continually follow the Assess, Plan, Do and Review cycle to allow pupils to progress and their learning needs to be matched to their specific needs. Teachers must acknowledge what pupils already know and then what the next steps will be and how to get them there.

Assessment may take place individually or in groups through observation, task analysis in addition to interpretation of evidence collated, as well as pupil feedback about their work. Motivation and promotion of independence and pupil’s taking responsibility for their own learning is also key. The highest expectations are maintained for all pupils regardless of need.

Ongoing (Formative) assessment whereby teachers will make observations of children’s work, annotate planning, use questioning to clarify understanding, talk to children in the form of learning conversations and use pupil feedback. Some specific assessments used by the teacher and or the SENDCo may act as formative assessment to identify strengths and weaknesses in areas of learning.

Termly (Summative) assessment whereby teachers will use a variety of assessment to record pupils’ achievements based on day to day evidence and record if children are working at, above or below their age expectation at the end of the academic year. This is entered onto our school tracking system to monitor progress.

Each term class teachers meet with Senior Leadership Team members to discuss pupil progress.

Pupils with SEND have individual Pupil Passports (Summary Assessment sheets) that summarise all strategies, assessment and interventions in place. Termly Pupil Passport Review Meetings with key staff, parents and pupils review progress and identify next steps of support (Further information is included in our SEND Policy and SEND Information Report).