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Stranton Primary School
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Pupil and Parent Voice

The views of pupils are of utmost importance at Stranton Primary School. Class teachers will speak regularly with children with SEND to discuss their progress and decide new targets to help their holistic development. Pupil voice is represented on all pupil passports and coordinated support plans in school to place the child’s views at the centre of their development.

Pupils with SEND are represented in all school clubs and activities including School Council, Eco-Club and Playground Buddies.

The Inclusion Team meet regularly with pupils across the school to gain their views and seek ways we can further improve our practice. Pupils have said the following comments about Stranton Primary School.

We are lucky to be part of Stranton School because we get to play lots of different sports as well as learning Maths and English.

I look forward to Fridays because we have PE and swimming.

This school is kind and helpful because we have lots of friends here. If we struggle teachers are always there to help us.

School is good because I like learning Maths and PE.

I love singing and I am part of the school choir so I love music assemblies with Miss Turnbull-Davies.

School is fun because we have nice teachers who help us with our work and listen to us.

I look forward to coming to school because we get to play with our friends and learn new things.

I'm excited that we're going to do a picnic and we went to the shop to find oranges, blackcurrant and crisps.  Everyone had a list and I got my things.

I love going swimming because it teaches me how to swim and I don't know how to do it yet.

I like PE. This week we were doing trampolining and I was brave.  The teacher helped people who were a little bit scared.

We read books with the younger children, play with them and they're funny.  I have a friend and I like to look after her.

I'm in drama and it will be fun doing the Adam's family.

I can't wait for the disco at Carlton and I'm already getting packed.

My spelling is getting better and I'm learning lots.

I do my maths work on my own now and I am better than last year.

 Parent Views

At Stranton Primary School, we actively encourage parents to be involved in the education of their child and see effective home school partnerships as key to pupil’s success. We work together to support the holistic needs of all children.

Class teachers will meet with parents and carers of children with SEND termly to discuss progress and set new pupil passport targets. Regular review meetings are held with the SEND team and any external agencies involved to ensure parents and carers are informed and involved in all aspects of their child’s development in school. 

We seek annual feedback from parents and carers of children with SEND through our parent questionnaires. 100% of parents of children with SEND would recommend this school to another parent. 100% of parents of children with SEND agreed their child felt safe and happy and is taught well at this school.

Some parent comments include:

"Greatly pleased and reassured to see the level of care and support he has received enabling him to grow"

"School is doing a good job supporting my daughter....  you are all a good team."

"My child has come on fantastic but still a bit to go. I can't thank the teachers enough."

"I am really pleased how much my child has come on at Stranton. His academic and social development have really progressed this year. I am really proud of what a good and caring natured person he is growing into. He always quotes school values to me, his siblings and friends, encouraging us to be better people too."

"I am over the moon ... and loved hearing how much he has improved over the year and how well he fits in with the other kids."

“This school is second to none. The support given to myself and my daughter is absolutely superb.”

“I feel that my child is progressing really well and is coming on leaps and bounds with the help and support from his teachers.”

“Stranton School is fantastic in everything they do for my child and children before this.”