Stranton Primary School

Stranton Primary School

"Only the best is good enough"

SEND Curriculum

At Stranton Primary School, we believe that every child has the right to access a broad and balanced curriculum.  We adopt a knowledge rich curriculum that meets the needs and interests of all pupils and promotes high levels of achievement, personal development and successful progression to the next stages of learning.

The bespoke curriculum delivered to all children at Stranton Primary School:

  • has the needs of the children at the heart of everything we do
  • is based on a strong foundation of oracy
  • meets the needs of our local community
  • is full of exciting, enriching and enjoyable learning experiences
  • provides opportunities for our children, staff and parents to all learn together.
  • positively improves academic outcomes
  • prepares our children to become positive role models in and effective contributors to society
  • gives our pupils the chance to become the very best versions of themselves.

Meeting the needs of pupils with special educational needs is the responsibility of all teaching staff and their needs are usually met through a differentiated curriculum. The SENCO will support staff to ensure effective provision is in place.

We operate a graduated response to supporting all pupils including those with additional learning needs.

Wave 1 – Quality First Teaching

At Stranton Primary School, most children will be taught in classes organised by key stage. For those children who require more enhanced support, we also offer a targeted teaching group Key Stage Two. This targeted support class has a maximum of 15 pupils with enhanced staffing to support all children’s additional needs.

Within this targeted class, children will be taught an appropriate curriculum matched to their developmental level, accelerating pupil progress in reading, writing and maths and boosting children’s confidence and engagement in learning.

Children will access the broad and balanced curriculum with an enhanced focus on developing functional life skills. We feel this will prepare our children for life outside of School by:

  • Finding new ways of thinking and problem solving
  • Developing self-confidence, self-worth, self-awareness and resilience in all pupils.
  • Developing employability skills and supporting challenging career aspirations
  • Developing principles, values and integrity
  • Developing physical and mental health and wellbeing
  • Developing financial capability.

 For further information on our life skills curriculum, please see our curriculum page.

 Wave 2 – Targeted Interventions

For those children with identified needs or those children who may need some extra ‘catch-up’, we offer a range of small group intervention programmes that can help to accelerate pupil progress. Depending on the needs of individual children they will access different interventions led by trained teaching assistants. The progress within these interventions will be closely monitored and tracked half termly to measure impact and ensure their effectiveness. We offer a range of intervention programmes including:

Speech, Language and Communication

Cognition and Learning

Social, Emotional and Mental Health

Physical and Sensory

Talk Boost

Early Talk Boost


1:1 speech and language interventions

Little Wandle Keep up Group and 1:1 interventions


1:1 Reading

Toe by Toe

Reading Plus

Plus One/Power of Two

Me Time

Lego Therapy


Therapeutic Story Writing

We Eat Elephants


Sensory diet programmes

Motor coordination programmes

Write from the Start


 Wave 3 – Specialist Interventions

For some children who require more bespoke support, we offer a range of individualised programmes, usually created in liaison with external agencies such as Speech and Language and Occupational Therapy. Children will have dedicated time each week to work on an individual basis with a teaching assistant to complete activities linked to their personal targets. Progress within these sessions is monitored by school and other agencies and next steps are decided collectively through multi-agency meetings and discussions.

For further information on the graduated provision for each area of need, please click here.